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15 Fabulous Daughter 21st Birthday Cards

So , it`s your Daughter`s 21st birthday on the horizon and you want a very special card to celebrate this special occasion. Well , here we list 15 fabulous cards to help you find the one card that will suit. Check these out                                                                                           CARD INDEXADVERTISERSPinterest - ...

12 Marvellous Mum 50th Birthday Cards

The best way to make a mum feel loved on her 50th birthday is by sending her a card. Yes, cards are still the most popular way of saying “Happy Birthday!” and if you want to make your mum feel special and appreciated, you should send her one of these 12 cards.                   We have rounded up some of the most creative and thoughtful 50th bir...

9 Stunning Cards for Husband's 70th Birthday!

Cards are a great way to express your feelings and to show how much you love your Husband. Some people think that it is not necessary to write in a card, but I disagree. A card can be a small thing that has the power to make someone’s day. It is also an opportunity for you to tell him about your thoughts and feelings. 70th birthday cards are spe...

9 Wonderful Wife Happy 80th Birthday Cards

80th Birthday Cards For Wife It`s never easy finding that perfect card for your wife leave aloneif it is for her special 80th birthday. Here, however , we think we have found a small selection - 9 inall - that will meet most needs.                  Two of the above are extra large , measuring 8.25 x 8.25 inches and are hand decorated with diama...

15 Magic Mum & Dad Wedding Anniversary Cards

Mum & Dad Anniversary Cards                                                                                                Card IndexADVERTISERSPinterest Board - Mum & Dad Anniversary Cards

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