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The Top 5 News Bulletins From 1945

Here are 5 amazing bits of information about 1945

1.  End of WWII

Without any shadow of a doubt the biggest reported event
of 1945 was the signing of the first instrument of surrender
by the German commander Alfred Jodi. The document 
was signed at a red brick schoolhouse known as the College
Moderne et Technique de Reims , France.

The time was 02.41 Central European Time (CET)

This was quickly followed by the formal surrender in Berlin
on 9th May 1945 which included the Soviet Command

2. United Nations Established

In the aftyermath of WWII and in consideration of the fact 
that the League of Nations had failed miserably to prevent
conflict between nations the United Nations was established
largely to help maintain international peace. The headquarters
was set up in Manhattan , New York City and 51 countries
initially joined. This figure has risen to 193 today.

3 Franklin D Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt wins an unprecedented 4th term
as President of the United States. Franklin was a democrat
and served as the 32nd President from March 1933 until his
death on 12th April 1945 shortly before the end of World War
2. His running mate Harry S. Truman (the S did not stand for 
anything) succeeded him and saw out the conflict with Germany
in May and later that year with Japan.

4. Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Following the German surrender in May , the US and its allies
began to prepare for the invasion of Japan. Japan had
stubbornly refused to any form of unconditional surrender and
with an expectation of a land attack leading to the death of
hundreds of thousands of US troops , Harry S. Truman
over-ruled many of his commanders and sanctioned the use 
of a new weapon.

The first bomb - "Little Boy" -  was dropped by Enola Gay
 a B29 bomber plane on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945 exploding
some 2000 feet above ground to cause maximum damage. 

Three days later on 9th August 1945 , another B29 bomber named
Bockscar dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki.

Both bombings , coupled with the declaration of war on Japan by 
the Soviet Union forced the Japanese to agree to an unconditional 
surrender 6 days later. The date was August 15th 1945.

The ethical  justification for the bombings and the resulting loss of life 
are still debated today.

5. Death of David Lloyd George

David Lloyd George , a former Chancellor of the Exchequer and
Prime Minister of Great Britain dies on 26th March 1945. He was
82 years old.

David George was born in Chorlton-on-Medlock , Manchester 
on 17th January 1863 to Welsh parents. He was brought up
as a Welsh speaker and following his fathers death in 1864
when he was just one year old , his mother Elizabeth moved 
from Pembrokeshire to live with her brother Robert Lloyd 
in the family home at Llanystumdwy (Cricieth). His uncle had
such an influence on his life that he changed his birth name to
Lloyd George.

After such a distinguished life David Lloyd George was laid to 
rest on the banks of the River Dwyfor near to his beloved home.

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