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Is This The Best 85th Birthday Gift in 2015?

Finding the right birthday gift for anyone about
to reach the grand old age of 85 is difficult at
any time. For , let`s face it - most people of 
this age have everything they need.

One thing you may have noticed about the 
older generation is that they always love to
talk about days gone by.

With that in mind - consider this gift set which
features film and music from the year 1930.

Firstly , it`s a 1930 DVD News Documentary
film that plays for 60 minutes and features
old newsreel footage produced by some of
the worlds major news organisations in the
year 1930. This is fascinating viewing and 
can be enjoyed by all the family and regarded
as really really old by the younger members.

Then , there is a 1930 Chart Cd featuring 20
original songs by the original artists. It`s a
fabulous way to remember those days a
long time ago. I`m sure even the grandchildren
will love the old tunes as I didi when playing
my uncle`s old 78s on his turntable back in
the late 1960s.

Both these media items come attached to 
colourful greetings cards which feature a
host of facts from 1930 and even some 
iconic images and stars of the screen

Overall , this is a fabulous way to celebrate 
such a nostalgic occasion

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