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Facts From 1969 - Man On The Moon

A little over 8 years after President John F Kennedy announced America`s aim to put a man on the moon - and some 5 years and 8 months after his assassination - people on Earth heard these immortal words from commander Neil Armstrong , "One Step For Man , One Giant Leap For Mankind". It was the 20th July 1969 some 4 days after the launch by a Saturn V rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

                                          Astronaut Neil Armstrong

Armstrong was followed by pilot Buzz Aldrin onto the surface of the Moon whilst Michael Collins - the third astronaut on the Apollo 11 mission remained in orbit around the Moon in Columbia , the command module and circled the moon awaiting the return of the Lunar Module - Eagle. Following completion of the mission`s objectives on the surface in the region of the Sea of Tranquility
Armstrong and Aldrin took off from the surface to rendezvous with Columbia and return safely to Earth on 24th July.

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