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Did You Know These 5 Facts About 1985?

Here`s 5 Things About 1985 You Should Know1. RMS Titanic Wreck FoundRMS Titanic was a British passenger liner captained by Edward Smiththat famously sank on its maiden voyage in the early hours of 15thApril 1912. The liner had set sail on Wednesday ,  10th April 2012 fromSouthampton heading for New York carrying 2224 passengers and crew.Many of ...

4 Things You Didn`t Know About 1935

1. EarhartAmerican aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo from Honolulu in Hawaii to Oakland in California. The date was January 11th and it was reported that during the final hours of this trans-oceanic flight she became so relaxed that she listened to a broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera.2. Mutiny On The BountyFra...

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