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1969 Birthday Cards

Whether its for a person born in the year 1969 or even
friends or family members married in 1969 here`s a few
greetings cards with media gifts attached.

1969 Birthday Star CD Cards

These colourful 1969 greetings cards feature iconic images
and newspaper cuttings and year facts. The cards measure
6 x 5.5 inches and come in a two-fold format with more 1969
news events printed on the inside cover and a blank side 
for writing personal birthday messages.

Attached to the second fold is a 1969 compilation cd that
features 20 original hit songs all sung by the original
artists. And today , these songs can be downloaded to a
mobile device such as an ipad using the code provided.
All in all a wonderful card and gift in one. See here for a
list of the 1969 songs on this cd card.

This type of cd card gift comes in two similar formats:-

There is the Classic Years Time to Remember 1969
card and the I Love 1969 Card and CD. Both these cards
are suitable as an anniversary gift in addition to a birthday.

1969 Time of Life Birthday Cards

Here`s another but larger type of birthday card suitable
for a spouse , friend etc born in 1969. It`s the  Time 
of Life DVD Card. This card measures 8 x 5.5 inches
and again features memorable pictures and news 
headlines on the cover (Julie Andrews etc) and further
facts on the inside cover. There`s the usual blank area
for messages and at the rear is a 1969 dvd disc that plays
for 60 minutes and covers the major news from home
and abroad at the time. This card can be suitable for 
a birthday or anniversary celebration.

In similar vein but only suitable as a birthday card is
the 1969 Birthday Star DVD Card. With similar
measurements and colourful images and facts this 
card and gift is suitable for 1969 birthdays. Again
the news documentary features 60 minutes of popular
news of the time

The Story of Your Year 1969

This is the newest release of 1969 greetings cards
and comes in the form of a 1969 booklet which has 
24 pages and is packed with images and news 
from sport , music , films etc. Again , at the rear

is a 1969 disc with a compilation of 15 original 
1969 hits taken form this years hit parade. And
again all songs are originals and downloadable. 
These story of your year cd gifts are ideal for both
wedding anniversaries and birthdays

Other 1969 Gifts and Combinations to Consider

Here`s a list for other gifts relating to the year 1969
that are available:-

1969 Tea or Coffee Mug

1969 Mug and CD Set Classic Year

1969 Birthday Star DVD and CD Card Gift Set

1969 DVD and Story CD Set

1969 Original Newspaper

I Love 1969 Mug

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